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Thursday, December 18, 2014



We are passionate about growing our clients’ businesses and increasing their financial returns.

Blake Strategic Consulting

At Blake Strategic Consulting, our mission is to accelerate clients’ business growth and increase financial value of their companies.   We design and execute growth strategies to seize opportunities in the marketplace.  This is an extraordinary time to be in business. Can you connect the salient points of light in the marketplace and know which path is brightest for accelerated growth?

Our company was founded in 2002 by Mary Pat Blake, a Fortune 500 corporate-level management and marketing  executive with experience in the broadband, Internet TV, telecommunications, Internet services, and consumer products and services industries.  She and her team work with clients to:

  • Determine and implement steps to accelerated growth
  • Create and execute sustainable competitive advantages (For more information, please read Mary Pat Blake’s article, “Competitive Advantage Insulates Your Firm.”)
  • Develop innovative products and services that are inspired by your customers’ unmet needs
  • Define, develop and integrate new ventures into your enterprise
  • Energize your company’s management team to excel cohesively in the challenging marketplace
  • Build an environment where your company consistently wins against competitors (For more information, please read Mary Pat Blake’s article, “How to Win Consistently in Competitive Warfare.”

Blake Strategic Consulting is headquartered in Minneapolis with regional offices in Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and St. Louis.

Blake Strategic Consulting
5832 Lincoln Drive No 172
Minneapolis, MN  55436



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