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For a Top 10 Fast Food Chain: Developed product concept that today accounts for 9% of company sales

We were engaged to assess the chain’s latest new product launch which was not meeting sales expectations, and to assess the upcoming products in the development pipeline. We gave perspective and went even further, and recommended a new product concept better suited to the brand and to its locations. The company later launched this very unique product in the fast food industry to great success. Today, it continues to account for 9% of the company’s menu sales.


For an Internet of Things Company: Increased sales by focusing on only a few market segments to own them.

The client had entered a large and highly competitive marketplace with hundreds of competitors. To compete, we found customer segments that had not yet been deeply penetrated which the client could target and own. We focused on understanding these customers’ needs and built new features to make the client’s products the logical choice.

Keys to success included differentiation through the website that clearly communicated relevant, superior features and benefits to the target segments.

In a highly competitive market, your product has to be superior and/or differentiated to win.


For a New Entrant in Over the Top (OTT) Market: Developed strategic options in crowded field

The client had a unique advertising model which it wanted to include in its new OTT video service. At the same time, more OTT companies entered the market making it a crowded field.   We developed alternative strategies for the client with higher success outcomes, and helped it to pivot to a stronger strategy.


For an Iconic 100 Year-Old Brand: Created new product concepts in new categories for growth

This successful brand competed in two unrelated product categories, and while steady, sales were not growing. We were hired to create new product concepts based on the core essence of the brand. The client was delighted with the concepts we created and several were launched to businesses and consumers.


For a Large Cable Broadband Company: Higher financial returns through high quality acquisition due diligence & integration

The client requested assistance in due diligence for cable system acquisitions on many factors, including onsite review, financial, marketing, programming, operations, and tours of the markets to assess their growth potential. The client also wanted assessment of the management teams for possible positions in the client firm.

Post acquisitions, we assisted in on-boarding the people and cable systems, and integration of the acquired systems into the client company.


For a Mid-Sized Cable Broadband Company: call center improvement after discovery of major issues

A large, state of the art call center was underperforming sales expectations, and its operating statistics were puzzling. The client sent a multi-functional SWAT team to the call center for a week for analysis and recommendations.

Through observation, interviews, and building trust with employees, the underlying issues became clear, including poor management, poor employee morale, lack of adequate training, and better integrated marketing.   We made recommendations to the client for swift changes in key management positions, a stronger training system, and improved marketing programs.   The call center’s performance improved strongly in the next quarters.


For a Consumer Products Company: new business venture & interim COO

The client wanted to produce a new line of products sourced from China, a first time for them. We developed the plan, found the partners in China, and sourced the financing.

Mary Pat became COO for a year to increase profitability by tightening internal processes, eliminating expenses, and refinancing the bank line of credit.


Expert Witness for Large Website Service Company :

The client was embroiled with AOL in a contract dispute alleging breach of certain contract obligations relating primarily to Internet traffic commitments. We were hired as expert witness to assess AOL’s performance vs. the contract. Work product included analyses and perspectives communicated via written reports and testimony on the witness stand in this arbitration. The companies settled out of court.


Expert Witness for Lawsuits Involving False and Misleading Advertising (The Lanham Act)

Hired multiple times as expert witness for lawsuits involving false and misleading advertising. Work included expert assessment, strategy development, and testimony on the witness stand. Prevailed in Federal Court with a court injunction against the advertiser to cease advertising. In other cases, the parties settled out of court.